About OCMA

Introducing the Orthodox Christian Men’s Association (OCMA):

OCMA is a nonprofit Orthodox brotherhood dedicated to helping men become better men together in Christ, and proclaiming the Orthodox faith to America. Heal men, and you heal families, communities, and the nation.

OCMA calls men to stand up and be men in the image and likeness of Christ, for “the glory of God is a man fully alive” (St. Irenaeus), and to be proactive in supporting their clergy and serving Christ faithfully in His Body the Orthodox Church, in communities, and in the world.

OCMA teaches four pillars of Orthodox manhood: Pray, Protect, Provide, Preside, modeling the four virtues: Justice, Courage, Temperance, and Wisdom (Wisdom 8:7), and the four Gospels (with symbols): Matthew (Man), Mark (Lion), Luke (Ox), John (Eagle).

OCMA accomplishes this through education on Orthodox manhood, ministry, music, motorcycle riding, meetings, programs, pilgrimages, rallies, and other charitable services that promote and support Orthodox brotherhood, camaraderie, lay leadership, body-soul-spirit health, growth, renewal, and evangelical witness.

OCMA brotherhood is free. Donations and membership dues help us grow and fulfill our mission.

OCMA is the first level of brotherhood. Higher levels to aspire to include the Orthodox Motorcycle Association (OMA) and the Dead Orthodox Motocycle Riding Club (DOC). This trinity brotherhood is DOCOMA.

OCMA was founded in 2021 by Joshua “Maestro” Jobst. His OCMA vision is a laymen-led pan-Orthodox brotherhood and men’s ministry of local with the blessing and support of local bishops, priests, and deacons.

OCMA Mottos: Ora et labora (pray and work); Patron Saint: St. Benedict; Iron sharpens iron (Prov. 27:17). Unmercenary service and security; My Brother Before Me / Men Becoming Better Men (MBBM); I aM My Brother’s Keeper (IMMBK).

AVE CHRISTUS REX! (Hail Christ the King!)

Maestro Joshua Jobst, President & Founder